Sunday, June 19, 2011

Christmas in June?

I painted this still life back in December, and was pretty happy with it; but it's kind of a 'seasonal' piece, I suppose.  Perhaps it will remind you of Christmas ( and cool weather).  

I'm always pleased to hear comments and questions about my work, so feel free to email me (, or comment on the blog. 

I'm referencing, on the side area, the Art Schools where I plan to teach (oil painting) this September. Please contact them , or me, if you have any questions about my classes.  I'd love to have you join us.  My studio class begins Sept 13th, and the plein air class, approx. mid-September. 

I'm reminded that I previously hinted at a little plein air story, and promised to post the painting....

A few weeks ago, I was painting a scene of Marietta Square, (plein air),  and I noticed a young couple had walked over to enjoy the fountain. (It's a favorite spot for children, friends, occasions, picture taking, etc). As I was painting away , and trying to mentally block them out of my view, I noticed that the man suddenly and formally proposed (marriage) to the young woman, (followed by squeals of delight and a lttle nervous clapping from the other passers by).   .... kinda different to be involved in someone elses personal moments, but a happy thing to witness nonetheless. After a few minutes I noticed the man's parents joined the couple for some congratulations on the occasion.  They all chatted for quite awhile and eventually took off. Then, as i was finishing up my painting, the mother serrupticiously came over to me and inquired about where she might purchase my painting;  (presumably as a memento gift to the couple to mark the occasion).  Great, I thought, a nice cap to an interesting afternoon. But, alas, she didnt contact me as expected. (yet).  Well....just a simple story with a pretty weak ending, but i promised  to post the little painting, and to tell you about it. Indeed, you often witness interesting things when plein air painting; you kind of merge into the background of a place, become invisisble in a way, and even though you're intensely observing your painting, it seems you end up experiencing and observing a whole range of activities around you.  

Happy days to you


Monday, June 6, 2011

Carmel Mission

A recent painting of the Carmel Mission (in Carmel, California). I've visited here many times years ago, and it's truly one of the most beautiful places in the country.  I miss California!

Carmel Mission

Here's a painting of the old Spanish mission in Carmel, CA.  I painted this about a week ago, utilizing photo references.  The Carmel area is one of the most beautiful areas of the county.  I miss California!
Father Junipero Serra, who founded the California missions, died in 1784 and is buried at the Carmel mission.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Indian Springs, Gadsden, Smith Gilbert Gardens Plein Air

Greetings, readers, to my weekly, (almost), blog posting.   

This past Saturday's Indian Springs plein air festival was enjoyable, and I was very grateful to come away with First Place, amidst an overall impressive group of artists. Indian Springs is an interesting place, and their state park and local public gardens are really beautiful.  I've been trying to paint lots of garden scenes lately, in anticipation of a scheduled weeklong trip to Cashiers, NC, in mid-July,  as an invited artist for their Garden festival.  

I also just found out that I received the best of show award from last month's Gadsden plein air festival, (aka: Southeastern Plein Air Festival), so am really pleased and honored by that.  It was a people's choice vote, so it took a while before they announced. This festival is in it's 3rd year, and is sponsored by the Gadsden, AL, Museum of Art; and they do a great job.  I was also just notified that my two paintings from last month's Smith Gilbert Gardens plein air festival won 2 of the 7 equally distributed awards. I had to skip out midway through the festival and hadn't heard the results earlier.  So, things worked out pretty well for May, and I'm very grateful, too, for the many nice comments received from fellow artists and friends. 

Lastly, I have an interesting little story to tell you about a plein air painitng i did at the Marietta Square, a week ago Tuesday.  I will plan to post that painting in a few days and tell you the accompanying story; so stay tuned...

Local friends, as menitioned earlier, see you at the Marietta Artwalk, this Friday , June 3, 5-9pm !