Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Old Marietta Depot

Above is a recent commission painting of the old Marietta depot, (which now houses the welcome center of Marietta).  Paintings with a variety of reds and greens seem to work pretty well, color-wise, I think. They seem to give off good color vibrations. Wasnt that an old Beach Boys song?...hmm, not sure....yup, i checked; that was it.
Usually i find less success if the painting has a dominant color theme of the other color complementary combos, like purple/yellow or blue/orange.  Interesting.

Friday, September 20, 2013


Above is a study painting of China Cove, in Carmel, CA.  Am hoping to do a more fully conceived painting on that scene soon. Whatever fully conceived might mean.  I also am hoping to be there in the spring for their plein air festival, and be able to enjoy painting the beatiful coastal scenery.
Still a few spaces left in my workshop in Gainesville next week, (so hurry),  but the October workshop in Gadsden is full.  For locals interested in weekly class, my Marietta Cobb Museum class starts up October 15. Join us!