Sunday, August 7, 2011

painting outside (aka: plein air)

Here's the painting I started at Friday night's Marietta ArtWalk, (and finished there again last night, Saturday, in an additional half hour).  Friday, I was dodging back and forth with customers looking at my small display of paintings, with which I had some modest sales success, so it slowed my painting a bit. It was a pretty good turnout of friends, a nice former student, and quite a good crowd in general, on such a warm evening.  Okay, here's the bad part...I even hestitate to remark, since this sort of thing just 'bugs' me a bit.... but remember, I've mentioned before, often 'things' happen nearby when you're out painting.....Anyway, when I was finishing up the painting Saturday, (around 6pm....and i was just across the street from the Marietta Square , painting this scene)....a huge 'flash mob' occurred on the square... with at least several hundred people involved, singing and dancing to some dumb song.....(I learned later it was said to be for a good cause; helping support a charity);  but even so...i don't know.... I guess I'm a spoil sport, but I generally don't like mobs of any kind.......except those that flock to artshows, of course!

A reminder to any interested oil painting upcoming classes are starting in September......(9/12 for the studio class, and 9/24 for the plein air class)......please feel free to contact me if any questions, etc.....

best wishes to you, and thanks again for checking out my blog. 


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  1. I would looooooove to have been there to see you reaction to a flash mob! Har Har Har!!!

    Beautiful painting, as usual, John!