Friday, October 21, 2011

Smith GIlbert Gardens Plein Air Festival

I just returned from two days of painting at the Smith Gilbert Gardens Plein Air Festival. I was fortunate to pick up first place with this painting. (yup, that's a bottle tree!). There's a lot of beautiful autumn color at the gardens right now.  I picked this somewhat obscure area  for my Thursday morning painting.
 We had a sudden spell of very cold weather for the festival, and it was pretty uncomfortable most of the time.  For this painting I think i had on four layers of clothing plus gloves, scarf and hat.
 These painting festivals are really enjoyable; you always end up meeting some new artists and also see some old friends as well.



  1. your bottle tree is great!
    Nice design and composition.

  2. Interesting thing: there were a couple red bottles on the tree as well, as someone mentioned later, and I never even noticed them
    when painting. I looked at it later and the red ones were very conspicuous; perhaps the red flowers on the right were so bright that they obliterated my sense of red elsewhere. Just a theory. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Beautiful John! Congratulations!!

  4. I've wanted to paint a bottle tree before, but lost my nerve. You captured it beautifully, but I'm not surprised. Another great job... and another first place, well deserved.