Monday, January 30, 2012

'Art with Heart' Celebrity paint out

Friends.....this event will be pretty wild, (and fun).  A Celebrity paintout at the gallery/store,  'Paint the Town', right on Marietta Square, this Friday, February 3rd, 7-9 pm!  The 'celebrities' are prominent civic leaders (mayor, supt.of schools, etc, and high profile business owners; and they've invited me to paint as well. (does that mean I'm a celebrity?)  There will be a high powered auction of the paintings at about 8:30pm, with proceeds going to a local charity.  I hope you can swing by and join in the fun for at least a few minutes. The press will probably be there mucking things up a bit, but please just barge right is, by all means, for the public.
I'll see you there!

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  1. Hey John. Impressive list! All the work looks great. And thanks for looking at my blog and noticing my composition attempts.