Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cashier's Plein Air Festival II

Hi again,

Here's a handful of paintings from last week's festival.....

(above is a painting of a flower and vegetable garden near the little downtown area of Cashiers...painted on the afternoon of the first day of the festival).

...a little Botanical/Anitque store downtown, called 'White Rabbit'.  ((12x12). My first painting of the week

a view of Whiteside Mountain, (16x16) painted on the morning of day two.

...slippery rock falls..(16x16)...painted on day two as well....(i decided to edit out the scores of kids and others sliding down the falls and their friends standing on the beach yelling to them (and blocking my view!)...a real challenge...This piece was selected for a 3rd place award by judge, Julyan Davis.

This one is of the Village Commons, (18x14), painted on day three....

..a mountain top home...(12x16)..sorry, not a great quality photo...this was a bit tricky to paint, as there was a serious thunderstorm happening at the time; knocked out the power for hours that afternoon/evening....

That's all for now......!


  1. Saw your face on the Plein Air Email Newsletter today. Great work here John and congratulations on your success.

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