Sunday, January 20, 2013

Eucalpytus Trees at Los Osos

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(details in my blog of 12/8/12)

Above painting is a close up 'subsection' of a painting from last fall's San Luis Obsipo's plein air festival. (the original is below for reference).

A few things might be of interest.
When looking around for subject matter, I'm often initially impressed by large scale scenes, and often can overlook smaller, more intimate scene possibilities within them. This is a pretty good example. I think the subsection view holds up well as a composition, and probably would have taken less time to paint. (one never knows though). This issue is probably common to many plein air painters, yet there's some who have a real knack for finding those more intimate scenes right off the bat.

This closer up view also seems to pull one into the painting a little more and linger more on the brush strokes and abstract, loose, qualities (so I would hope, anyway).  Maybe next time I'm near this location, I'll try the smaller view. I like both pretty well, though.
Although there's a little thing that bugs me about it, which I somehow overlooked. I won't tell you what it is, and it's not a big deal. Now, you probably wonder what it is.

By the way, Eucalyptus trees are mostly a west coast phenomenon, (and other parts of the world, like Australia).  They're rather expressive and colorful trees, and are a real draw for painters. And Koala bears.


  1. okay, here's the little issue... ......if you look near the center of the subsection view at the top of the blog, you'll see that right in the middle there's a bit of a circular keyhole situation; between the two large trees , at ground level. And right in the middle of that opening is a distant tree, creating a target or donut shape. Not a big deal, but just conspicuous enough to bug me, even when i see it in the larger view. Sometimes you don't spot these little issues until much later on.

    1. Hi. Out here in CA. Looking at all those eucalyptus trees!
      could you please send your materials list..left everything oil back in AL
      Loved your workshop in Gadsden!

      offer still stands dor a visit out here sometime! thanks. Karen Weir

  2. Yea, that was bothering the fool out of me. I'm so glad you realized it. LOL... just kidding, just kidding.